Book Review: The First In Line

The First In Line

The First in Line is the sketchbook of Mattias Adolfsson. It's a 160-page hardcover. The cover art is done in watercolour, and beautifully printed on the fabric-like cover.

It collects the wonderful sketches he has posted on his blog. The drawings are lovely, imaginative and inspiring. Ideas are wacky and whimsical. Line work is detailed and the subdued watercolour works really well. It's real fun to look different characters and creations, and their personalities.

I've been a long time follower of his blog, occasionally going back to the archives to look at old works. It's great to see this book finally out. Highly recommended for art and sketchbook lovers.

The book's published and distributed by Sanatorium Förlag. So it's not sold on Amazon. It's priced at US$48 including shipping, which is quite pricey. You can buy the book from the link on his blog at

ISBN 9789197691277

The First In Line - 01

The First In Line - 02

The First In Line - 03

The First In Line - 04

The First In Line - 05

The First In Line - 06

The First In Line - 07

The First In Line - 08

The First In Line - 09

The First In Line - 10

The First In Line - 11

You can buy the book from the link on his blog at



This is a gorgeous book, as

This is a gorgeous book, as all the rest of Mattias Adolfsson's work is. I've been following his blog and his deviantart gallery for some time so i bought the book through his site and was sent a signed and doodled copy as soon as it came out.

The details on his drawings are incredible, is imagination is out of this world as is his humor, so i feel quite privileged for having a doodled copy.

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