Book Review: FAKK 2


With a title sounds like one of the world's most favourite (swear) words, you can pretty much guess the illustrations within are as provocative. I just my review have to follow that tone as well. To explain what FAKK is, I'll just quote from the book.

"The acronym FAKK (Federation Assigned Ketogenic Killzone) is a universal warning to all Federation deep space navigators."

"FAKK2 is also the name of a world so sublime, with a secret so great, that only the most terrifying classification could keep the spoilers away." What the hell?

"And now FAKK2 is a woman who has assumed the name of the world she cherished, when that name alone could no longer protect her tranquil paradise from greed, cruelty and annihilation. With vengeance in her soul, love in her heart and two fully automatic, four barreled blasters in her hands, FAKK2 is a ravishing avenger on a deadly mission. A steel-eyed huntress and expert warrior, FAKK2 fights with a single purpose. She will not rest until she's freed her sister from the ruthless, power-hungry monster who abducted her when he ravaged their majestic planet and stole its greatest secret."

The illustrations are that of fearsome FAKK2, warriors and beasts entangled in battle. Somewhat like Warhammer except it's happening in a different universe, and the main antagonist here is a fierce bitch whose nipples are so hard they can be seen behind a bra that has no useful purpose. The book has a good amount of big guns and grotesque creatures.

Right at the end, there are some great photos of B-movie actress Julie Strain cosplaying as FAKK2. Totally in character.

This is the book for the sci-fi fantasy artists who love to be on the battlefield.

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