Book Review: Box

The hardcover book itself is packaged inside a box with a zip. The art inside contains a bunch of everything. There are mural, toy designs, t-shirts, digital art, sketches, comic strips, etc. The variety is amazing and level of creativity high. Every artist has a unique style. It's a great book to look at when searching for ideas.

This book is expensive. Even when the content is good, it still doesn't feel like it's worth the price tag. I have a feeling it's pricey because of the irrelevant (to me) packaging design. Sure it helps to stand out, well, but it's a double edge sword.

Here's a tip when trying come up with a book title: Never give the book a generic title. 'Box' is as generic as it can get. If it's generic, it means when people search for it on the Internet, they will never find it. I had to search for the ISBN number to find it. The title also doesn't describe anything about the content of the book.

Thanks to Kelvin Chan for providing the book for this short review.

Box - 01

Box - 02

Box - 03

Box - 04

Box - 05

Box - 06

Box - 07

Box - 08

Box - 09

Box - 10

Box - 11

Box - 12

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