Book Review: Blueberry's


Blueberry's is Jean Giraud's take on the wild west. There are a lot of cool cowboy art, many created with ink and watercolour, some painted with acrylic. His line art here ranges from the sketchy quick portraits to the highly detailed hatching of backgrounds for towns and country side. Each piece looks like tremendous thought has been put to it. I love the textures he creates on the board with the brush strokes and line hatches.

This book is for the cowboy fans and Moebius art collectors. It's published in 1997 and might be hard to find.

Blueberry's - 01

Blueberry's - 02

Blueberry's - 03

Blueberry's - 04

Blueberry's - 05

Blueberry's - 06

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Blueberry's - 10

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