Book Review: The Black Frog's Doodles

Book Review: The Black Frog's Doodles

Here's the product description I grabbed off Amazon:

The Black Frog’s first published sketchbook, Doodles, is a compilation of 200 original pencil doodles featuring teapots, monsters, silly robots, and other weird characters and concepts. Each was doodled in five minutes or less.

Igor-Alban Chevalier—a.k.a. The Black Frog—was born in Champagne, France in 1973. The only son of an antique dealer/art teacher, Chevalier grew up discovering the work of glorious comic book artists like Liberatore, Moebius, and Frank Miller. He spent four years as a creature designer at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in London, and has designed for such films as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and X-Men 3. He now freelances in Los Angeles as a visual effects art director.

It's really hard to review a sketchbook, especially if all it has are doodles. The doodles are all done in pencils. They are mainly on character designs and objects. The form is there — it's not abstract — so at least we know what's being drawn.

This book probably should appeal more if you actually know the artist.

Igor-Alban Chevalier has a website that's worth checking out. On it you'll find more of his work and his blog.


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I thoroughly enjoy this book

I thoroughly enjoy this book actually, but I am a big fan of sketches and the such.
Some of the pages, roughly two to three, appear to have slight distortion, but the
doodles are quirky and a delight to look at, some even inspiring. It isn't a fancy
assortment of finished pieces, but it nevertheless is a fun own.

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