Book Review: The Artist Within

The Artist Within is a photography book collecting images of popular artists in their workspace. The artist in the picture above is Tim Sale.

This is a huge coffee table book and all the photos are printed in black and white on a page by itself. On the page beside is a short introduction for the artists. This is a rare opportunity to take a glimpse into their art studios or home offices. There are artists from different realm of cartooning, such as superhero comics, newspaper cartoons, animation and others. Notable names include Will Eisner, Jim Lee, Frank Miller, Neal Adams, Frank Cho, R. Crumb, Patrick McDonnell and Cathy Guisewite just to name a few.

While it's a really interesting book to look at, re-readability for this kind of book is rather low. So maybe it's better to borrow than to buy?

If you enjoy looking at other people workspace, check out Creative Workspaces and Home Offices for more pictures. There's also a book called Studio Space which shows workspace and have more written on artists.

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The Artist Within

The Artist Within - 01

The Artist Within - 02

The Artist Within - 03

The Artist Within - 04

The Artist Within - 05

The Artist Within - 06

The Artist Within - 07

The Artist Within - 08

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