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Zootopia is one of the best movies for me this year and it's only March. This companion artbook too is a gem.

This wonderful 160-page hardcover artbook features the concept art for the characters, environments and props that make up the world of Zootopia. If you thought that the city was busy with so many things going on, well, this book will delight you with additional environments and characters that weren't even included in the film.

The artworks are so beautiful. I love character designs and the variety. The artists really nailed the look and in the film, the animation is done so well, so believable. I've so many favourite characters, Judy, Nick, Sloth, Bogo, Clawhauser, Yax, Gazelle and the dancing tigers, and of course Mr Big and many more. LOL.

I can't praise all the artists enough. Some of the highlights to me are drawings from Matthias Lechner, Cory Loftis, David Goetz and even the co-director Bryon Howard is also a fantastic artist.

There are many environment artworks included, some presented with breathtaking details and oh so beautiful lighting. You get to read about the effort and thought that goes into the production and design of everything that's shown on screen. All the boroughs and locations are included, namely Downtown, Rainforest District, Savanna Central, Little Rodentia, Sahara Square, Tundratown and Cliffside. And there are several pages of discarded art for an amusement park and a stadium.

This book is just packed with wonderful art like how Zootopia is filled with so much life. This is definitely one of the best artbooks for this year.

Most highly recommended.

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