Book Review: The Art of Planet 51

The Art of Planet 51 - 01

The cover art is slightly different from the original product image. The fat alien is replaced with Lem, the main character of the movie.

This book is published by Insight Editions but doesn't come with any of special enhancement (e.g. pullouts, cards) you sometimes see with their other books.

Planet 51 is the other animated movie this year featuring aliens, the other being Monsters vs Aliens. The cast is of course different, and the set is not on Earth but on Planet 51. Planet 51 is the debut film of Madrid-based Ilion Animation. The concept artists, based off the names in the captions, seem to be all from Spain. The whole film was produced entirely in Spain.

There are more than 400 pieces of concept art in this book. Each character comes with lots of sketches. The background paintings are very beautiful and scenic. There are also many alien set and prop designs. It's like looking at a parallel universe where everything looks familiar but different. The aliens have their own version of the famous Flatiron building in Manhattan, suburbia, Area 51, vehicles, utensils, etc.

My favourites are the background and set paintings, some of which are very detailed. This book has top notch art work and variety. There are short commentary on the art and concept.

It's a visually delightful book, highly recommended to character designers and animation lovers.


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The Art of Planet 51 - 03

The Art of Planet 51 - 04

The Art of Planet 51 - 05

The Art of Planet 51 - 06

The Art of Planet 51 - 07

The Art of Planet 51 - 08

The Art of Planet 51 - 09

The Art of Planet 51 - 10

The Art of Planet 51 - 11

The Art of Planet 51 - 12

The Art of Planet 51 - 13

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The Art of Planet 51 - 16

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Hello Parka,

Great review of the book and the posting of the art is on the money! I cannot wait to get my copy. I will suggest disney's "The art of the Princess and the Frog" and the archive series book "Animation". I have recently purchased both and I believe they will be worth your while to review. Keep up the good work!

See Ya!


I'm the Community Manager of Planet 51.
We just found your comment and we're so glad you publish this post about our movie.

I'd like to invite you to become a fan on Facebook.

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Well, we're uploading some of those pictures on our profile on Facebook. Hope you visit it and become a fan.

Thank you so much for being such an animation movies fan.

hey parka!
could you tell me all the names of the background painters ( those from the 8th and 9th picture here in this review) ? that would be really cool! I know one of them who did really big bg paintings, called Oli Josman.
I think I'm going to buy this book, too. Especially for the gorgeous backrounds!
thanks for the review, parka!

Those are from Julian Romero Munoz, Fabio Barretta Zungrone, Javier Martin Rodriquez, Diego F. Goberna, Jordi Villarroya, Diaz-P Sisternes and Jose Manuel Oli.

I[ll be sure to pitch my movie to you guy's first... Been working too long on the Island!!!
I guess I need to get out more...
But really love the art and the HUMOR is "ALL"...

You guy's are "GREAT"... My "BABY BANDITS" just love your work also!!!
How does one get up with you guy's and pitch a story board? I should be done with it some time this year...


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