Book Review: Art of Open Season

The Art of Open Season

I bought this book prior to watching the movie. It's slightly better than all of my Pixar art books. Mine was bought off Amazon US.

The hardcover book was housed in a protective cardboard cover box with two holes cut into it. Boog and Elliot peeked out the holes.

When you pull the book out of it's cover box, you'll notice that there's something different about this book from other art books. Goodies were packed everywhere in the book. They were post cards, posters, mini booklets and even stickers!

Tons of original sketches, movie stills and story boards filled the pages. The content was so vibrant and full of life. Captions and write up were short and nice to read. A scrapbook, of top notch quality, is perhaps a better description.


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The Art of Open Season - 02

The Art of Open Season - 03

The Art of Open Season - 04

The Art of Open Season - 05

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The Art of Open Season - 07

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The Art of Open Season - 13

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brilliant blog. i have sent

brilliant blog. i have sent it around to my animation alumni in oz.
i have purchased 10 books on your recommendations.

was just wanting to know why 'the art of kung fu panda" is so expensive? have the publishers stopped printing? and if so, will there be another print run?


no worries. :D just would

no worries. :D

just would like to extend my thanks to you for doing such a great job with this blog. i appreciate you taking the time to post visuals and comments regarding the books. the videos, especially, have been incredibly useful for choosing which books to purchase. i have agreed so much with your reviews that i have purchased, except one, of your favourties.

i have posted your url to the animation lecturer at uni. they, to, have been appreciative of your reviews. so, keep up the great work,you are bookmarked in my favourites.

cheers and thanks,

hi parka,

hi parka,

i was wondering if you have the usual flip through video on this book. i would like to add it to my collection, but the cost it quite considerable and i would like to have a better look at the designs. do you have any idea if it will come back into print? or do you think there will be no more runs? thanks for your blog, i have purchased all of my collection through your recommendations. cheers, rainer

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