Book Review: The Art of Nausicaa

Book Review: The Art of Nausicaa

This book was originally published in 1984. The one I have is the 17th reprint from 2002. Pretty amazing.

In typical Studio Ghibli art book style, this paperback art book also sports a canvas dust jacket. It's 192 pages in all with character designs, background paintings and film stills. Most of the art are watercolour painted. Hayao Miyazaki drew many of the storyboard sketches with his usual loose watercolour rendition that you still see in other art books.

At the back is a look at how some of the anime scenes are created, like how they animated the catepillar-like creature among others. It's all in Japanese though.

It's a nice addition to the Studio Ghibli "Art of" series, featuring some good old school fantasy art.

If you like this book, you'll want to check out Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind: Watercolor Impressions also.

The Art of Nausicaa - 01

The Art of Nausicaa - 02

The Art of Nausicaa - 03

The Art of Nausicaa - 04

The Art of Nausicaa - 05

The Art of Nausicaa - 06

The Art of Nausicaa - 07

The Art of Nausicaa - 08

The Art of Nausicaa - 09

The Art of Nausicaa - 10

The Art of Nausicaa - 11

The Art of Nausicaa - 12

The Art of Nausicaa - 13

The Art of Nausicaa - 14

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Nausicaa is my 2nd favorite

Nausicaa is my 2nd favorite Ghibli film, closely following Castle in the Sky. I have the Nausicaa Watercolors book but I need this 'Art of' one. The only other Ghibli art books yet to grace my collection are for Princess Mononoke & Laputa (which seem to be rare but I REALLY want them)....

I had the chance to go to the

I had the chance to go to the Ghibli museum and there were two Nausica Artbooks for sale, one was this one, and the other one had more art from the manga. Most of the illustrations were in watercolors, have you seen that edition, you should check it out!


just curious. Since u buy a

just curious. Since u buy a lot of these artbooks. Are they all in japanese? Do they have prints of the english ver? Cause i would really love to read how they come to make these designs. Especially the environments. I'm an artist myself and I really want to learn how they're workflow is

hey quick question, i saw

hey quick question, i saw that there's the watercolour impressions ver. Is the book exactly the same just that it contains a more watercolour works? Cause for this ver. i'm really interested in the airplane concepts. They have the layout and everything. The pic around middle section.

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