Book Review: The Art of Moebius

The Art of Moebius

The Art of Moebius, published in 1989, is a collection of some comics and paintings from Moebius, or Jean Henri Gaston Giraud if you like. There's even an introduction by George Lucas, though short.

In his typical style, many of the illustrations here feature strange characters in even stranger worlds. Dream-like, sci-fi, fantasy. That's the style he's popular for. He's incredibly creative and imaginative. All the pieces here are accompanied by his own captions.

As Newsweek has put it:

For pure visual delight, there's Jean Giraud. His nearly wordless narratives unfold the logic of M.C. Escher.

Just like optical illusions of Escher, his art evokes the same feeling of enchantment. It's a very cool art book whether or not you're a fan of Moebius.

You can check out more work from Moebius at

The Art of Moebius - 01

The Art of Moebius - 02

The Art of Moebius - 03

The Art of Moebius - 04

The Art of Moebius - 05

The Art of Moebius - 06

The Art of Moebius - 07

The Art of Moebius - 08

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