Book Review: The Art of Home

The Art of Home - 01

Here's the beautiful artbook for DreamWorks Animation's Home.

This is a large 168-page hardcover artbook actually has two publishers, namely Insight Editions and Titan Books. The page count is listed wrongly on some websites as 156 pages.

The book collects the character designs, environment art, storyboards and commentary.

There actually aren't a lot of character designs, relatively speaking when compared to other sections. Well for the aliens we only have the cute plush-toy lookalike Oh and Captain Smek. And rest are main of up Tip, her mum and Pig the cat. The human designs are alright, and nowadays they all look pretty much the same in 3D animated movies, especially female characters. The more interesting ones are the aliens of course.

The other designs are for the Boov alien motherships and their smaller bubble spaceships, the red flying car, and many other miscellaneous graphics and symbols.

Emil Mitev's expansive digital scene paintings are the highlight of the book. The highly detailed wonderfully realised landscapes are just awesome to look at. There are several locations in the movie, such as the main city, Paris, China, etc, and it's really cool to see how they are adapted in the movie. I always like checking out animation architecture styles.

At the time of this writing, the film is not out yet so be aware that the book has lots of spoilers.

Overall, it's a nice companion artbook to the film.

The Art of Home - 02

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