Book Review: All-Action Classics: Dracula

Bram Stoker Dracula

Here's from the back of the book:

English estate agent Jonathan Harker has gone to Transylvania to meet his new client, the eccentric Count Dracula, but in the count's ruined castle, Harker uncovers and ancient, deathless evil.

Now that evil has followed him to England, to feed on the nation's teeming millions as they sleep...for dracula never sleeps.

The Dracula story is adapted by Michael Mucci, drawn by Ben Caldwell and Bill Halliar.

The art is great. I like Ben Caldwell's character designs. The dark colour palette used throughout creates a good Gothic feel for the story. However, the story wasn't as thrilling as I hoped it to be. Maybe it's written that way.

Nice comic nevertheless.

Special thanks to Kelvin Chan for providing the book.

All-Action Classics: Dracula - 01

All-Action Classics: Dracula - 02

All-Action Classics: Dracula - 03

All-Action Classics: Dracula - 04

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