Book Review: Acky Bright B/W

Acky Bright B/W - 01

Acky Bright is a Japanese manga artist and illustrator. This guy is really good which is not surprising since there are countless amazing manga artists in Japan.

This paperback artbook is maybe A5 size and quite thick at 256 pages. The book uses some cream-coloured paper but most are bright white non-glossy and the line drawings on those look terrific. The book's binding isn't that flexible so be prepared to get some creases.

The artworks are mostly character designs and there's usually a girl with some mecha with the the occasional skeletons and demons. The artworks actually kinda remind me of Katsuya Terada but the line art here is more controlled, refined and polished. The postures and the style used are lively and active, and you can definitely feel the physical form for the characters.

This is a great book for those who love Japanese manga, comics and sketchbooks.

Follow his Instagram page for more art.

Acky Bright B/W - 02

Acky Bright B/W - 03

Acky Bright B/W - 04

Acky Bright B/W - 05

Acky Bright B/W - 06

Acky Bright B/W - 07

Acky Bright B/W - 08

Acky Bright B/W - 09

Acky Bright B/W - 10

Acky Bright B/W - 11

Acky Bright B/W - 12

Acky Bright B/W - 13

Acky Bright B/W - 14

Acky Bright B/W - 15

This book was borrowed from Basheer Graphic Books for review purposes. You can order the book from them. Check with Basheer on Facebook.

The book's also available on and PlayAsia

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