From Blk 684 at Race Course Road (4 Jul 2014)

I wanted to draw some temple by the side of the road but it was raining so I just went up a HDB block to draw instead.

This was drawn from Blk 684 at Race Course Road. And by the road below is Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple. The white thing is tentage. I hate it when temples use tentage that block off the beauty of the architecture. I noticed many temples doing that and it's such a shame.

So I've finally finished the last piece of Fabriano Artistico Coldpress 300GSM watercolour paper. I'll be writing the review for that paper soon. For watercolour papers, I only review when I finish the whole pad, same with sketchbooks, so these reviews typically take me very long to do.

I've switched back to Winsor & Newton for this piece.

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