Artists at STGCC 2012 (Part 3)

All the descriptions are from STGCC website

Chris Lie (Caravan Studios) is a visual and IP development studio focusing on comic, illustration and concept design. The Studio is currently working on various entertainment projects for clients around the world, such as Wizard of the Coast, Hasbro, Mattel, Sony Online Entertainment, Fantasy Flight Games, and Alderac Entertainment Group.


The diverse world of Toy Culture is filled with a kaleidoscope of characters and colors, in a spectrum of styles and sizes. TOYSREVIL guides you through the vibrant global toy scene and all things Pop and sub-culture via daily toy-bloggery, customized toys and the *I LIKE TOYS* fanzine.

Kelvin Chan (RockeyRayGun) is a Singaporean illustrator, comic and concept artist who is currently working on a creator owned free online graphic novel called 'The Battlemonks'. He is also developing a brand and toy line.

Nicholas Quah (Urban Six) will be showcasing works from project 'Urban Six' for the first time. A project with an environmental story which includes characters, customized prototype toys and merchandise.

Abs Lee is a self-taught monster illustrator and ABSoluteLEE ME© is a brand created by Abs Lee where she explore her greatest talent by creating wacky illustrations. In these illustrations are also where she expresses her feelings about her daily life and thus MEETHECREEPS©, a bunch of cute and wacky monsters are created to tell her life stories


A figment of all imagination spawns from the artistry of Roomism. Iconic and evolutionary, they escape into the sense of all. Abstraction, never the unthinkable has given us power to create on understated humanly visions. Racing to the limits of ink, paper, fabric and medium possibly known, the establishment of facts and fiction conjoin at our creation.

Asuka Sakumo is my alter-pseudonym name. I write stories and draw them in sweet and yet (sometimes) scary illustrations. A perfectionist who is obsessed with details and put much care into making handmade miniature toys.



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