Book Review: Orange (Graphic Novel)

Orange the Graphic Novel

I didn't really buy this book so when I looked at the cover, I thought it was an art book. There's another art book by the name of Apple. Can you see the association? Apple. Orange. The book's from Kelvin and I took a quick read.

Anyway here's the basic story description from Amazon.

Orange has become so nihilistic about her life - callous parents, shallow friends, meaningless relationships - that she decides the only way out is to kill herself. But as she is about to jump, a mysterious man stops her, convincing her there might be something to live for after all. When, several weeks later, he commits suicide himself, how will she make sense of her brutal, heartbreaking world?

It's really the artistic style that caught my eye. Every panel is painted, brush style which is tremendous effort, considering the artist Benjamin took 3 years to complete. Most probably on and off. While some panels are detailed, others are just painted with a broad brush. The colours are extremely posterized making the world look unreal — to me.

At the end of the book are a few pages of full page illustrations done in similar and different styles. I must admit I like the ones where the colours are more in sync with reality.

So yeah, you can see if this is your type of graphic novel.

Orange (Graphic Novel) - 01

Orange (Graphic Novel) - 02

Orange (Graphic Novel) - 03

Orange (Graphic Novel) - 04

Orange (Graphic Novel) - 05

Orange (Graphic Novel) - 06

Orange (Graphic Novel) - 07

Orange (Graphic Novel) - 08

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the visual style of the book

the visual style of the book looks pretty good, like something i could really like, but unfortunatly the story seems to be really shitty so far, so due to the fact that this is still a graphic "novel" and not an artbook i wouldn't buy it...
(sry for the bad grammar, i'm not english;-))

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