Juxtapoz Erotica

Sexuality is one of the most enigmatic facets of the human psyche. Writers and artists have spent untold ink in an effort to unravel the mysteries of our libidinous tendencies. Juxtapoz Erotica features titillating explorations of the subject matter by two dozen of the most exciting artists working today.

Some featured works are meticulously illustrated, some abstract in style, some realistic, some forays into fantastic worlds that fuel the imagination.

Contributing artists from an eclectic mix of backgrounds and cultures tackle the theme including David Choe, Fernanda Cohen, John Solis, Justine Lai, Rockin’ Jellybean, and Hu Ming to name a few. Each work expresses its own particular mood and feel, but all share the common thread of a sex-positive approach.

Juxtapoz Erotica will appeal to anyone interested in or fascinated by the genre and to artists and illustrators seeking inspiration.

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Dave: If you can, let a local

Dave: If you can, let a local bookdealer order it for you, for you to take a look into it. I was disappointed by the book. There's some great artwork in it - true - but the book is thin, the compilation of art and artists is random and ... i guess i will take this book out of the shelve maybe once every 5 years!?

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