Book Review: Kris Kuksi: Divination and Delusion

Kris Kuksi: Divination and Delusion

Divination and Delusion is a mesmerizing book.

There are some pretty good art books in 2010 but this probably tops them all.

Kris Kuksi's intricate assemblages are surreal. I was fortunate to see one of them on display. Seeing them is a surreal experience itself.

Thanks to beinArt Publishing, now we have a book that all can enjoy. It's a 140-page hardcover without any dust jacket. The print quality is very good. It collects not just the assemblages but some paintings as well.

The photos of the assemblages are printed one per page, sometimes across two pages. The overview photos are very sharp and there are so much detail that I wish it was a larger book. There are closeups on selected areas but they aren't quite as sharp and not all areas are in focus because of the lens blur.

Kris Kuksi is the ultimate Rococo master. His assemblages are highly ornamental and florid. His inspiration comes from mythology, religion and events from our time, the war, corruption, death and degeneration. That's the common theme you'll see throughout. These assemblages aren't sculptures but are made of different parts put together before getting painted on.

The works are exquisite and reminds me of sculptures from Renaissance masters, except with a twist. For example, the Churchtank is his way of highlighting contradictions in religion - the cannon pointing out from the entrance is brilliant. Many pieces feature new and old military icons mixed with just about everything. You have a rooster with a Roman soldier's head, or a soldier with a tank's head, or the god Mars holding a machine gun.

This is a highly recommended awe-inspiring book. Every assemblage inside is a page-pausing moment.

A post-industrial Rococo master, Kris Kuksi obsessively arranges characters and architecture in asymmetric compositions with an exquisite sense of drama. Instead of stones and shells he uses screaming plastic soldiers, miniature engine blocks, towering spires and assorted debris to form his landscapes.

The political, spiritual and material conflict within these shrines is enacted under the calm gaze of remote deities and august statuary. Kuksi manages to evoke, at once, a sanctum and a mausoleum for our suffocated spirit.

- Guillermo del Toro

The book is available at, and Last Gasp. Not many places are selling, so grab it when you see it.

Kris Kuksi: Divination and Delusion - 01

Kris Kuksi: Divination and Delusion - 02

Kris Kuksi: Divination and Delusion - 03

Kris Kuksi: Divination and Delusion - 04

Kris Kuksi: Divination and Delusion - 05

Kris Kuksi: Divination and Delusion - 06

Kris Kuksi: Divination and Delusion - 07

Kris Kuksi: Divination and Delusion - 08

Kris Kuksi: Divination and Delusion - 09

Kris Kuksi: Divination and Delusion - 10

Kris Kuksi: Divination and Delusion - 11

Kris Kuksi: Divination and Delusion - 12

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Never heard of Kukski. But thank you Parka for introducing me to this incredible world. Thanks again, this book looks amazing.

Wow. I'd never heard of him before but these photos are amazing. Very interested in learning more about him and his art (though I doubt I'll be able to afford this book anytime soon). In any case... wow!

Yes, Kuksi is amazing, but my best friend Keith Schmiedlin was the designer and creator of this book and is an amazing artist also. You need to check out his work, you won't be disappointed!!!

Thanks for the hint,
I follow your blog regularly and I've been looking for this book for a while. Dumb as it may seem, i wasn't aware it was in since i only look at the one in the UK.
I'm a huge Kris Kuksi Fan, and i've just ordered the book through your site, hopefully that will also give you something in return. ;)


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