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This is a very beautiful book for Disney's 50th feature film, Tangled, which is also the first 3D computer-animated fairy tale for them.

The 160-page hardcover is filled with the very distinctive Disney style art, featuring character designs, environment and storyboards.

I love the beautiful character sketches and there are lots of them. Some of the character artists are Jin Kim, Claire Keane, Bill Schwab who drew really expressive characters. But much of them are drawn by legendary animator Glen Keane, and they really stand out with their lively action poses. It's fun to see the many expressions and tricks Rapunzel can do with her 70-feet hair. Other than Rapunzel, there are sketches for Flynn Rider (prince), Pascal (chameleon), Maximus (horse) and other characters like the bad guys.

As for the environment art, you'll get to see the familiar Disney towns and castles as interpreted by artists today. The design inspiration comes from previous Disney films like Cinderella, Pinocchio and Sleeping Beauty. Some of the paintings from those films are also included. It's about translating what used to be 2D into 3D and you can read all about the challenges from the artists' interviews.

The change in medium for creating Tangled makes it feel like a totally fresh Disney fairy tale, yet it also feels like the older ones at the same time. It continues Disney's legacy in animation in a fine way.

This book is a treat to artists, animators and art lovers. A lot of great artists contributed to the art and unfortunately I can't name them all so you'll have to get the book to check out their work.


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I like this one actually!Even though im a huge 2D fan and i hated the fact that pixar mixed with Disney- this movie actually keeps that 2D Disney feeling in the movement and the art work while taking it one step ahead into 3D!i like it- will watch the movie for sure and get the book :D Thnx so much for posting this review!It seems an amazing book!!!

In reply to by Gad Yariv (not verified)

I think that the shame is to post that kind of comment, that doesn't respect any artists behind this film. (btw, you cannot criticise this before seeing the movie...).

The trailers for this film seem quite awesome and Disney is generally amazing.

I was wondering if anyone reviewed or has The Art of Beauty & The Beast? I'm really on the fence whether I should buy it or not.

This books looks AMAAAAAAZING!

Nothing happened to Disney. They reassessed and started developing computer animated movies. It was only what...a 3 or 4 year gap between Home on the Range and Princess & the Frog? Personally, I loved Bolt, and Tangled looks gorgeous, like a classic Disney movie, but in beautiful computer graphics.

This book looks wonderful, definitely on my buy list.

Not interested in having that, but looks very good.

PS. Parka, on October 19th we gonna get "The Art of TRON: Legacy".

Thanks for the review Parka!!! The book looks great!!! I highly recommend the art of Beauty and the Beast and Megamind too!! Good work.

Tangled will be a very good movie, I can´t wait to see it. But: Had they sticked to the original visual concept (the moving oil painting, 2D look), I´m sure it would have been mind-blowing, the first CG movie that would have been up there with BatB, Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty and the like. A missed opportunity, too bad. Still, I have to say it again, I´m really looking forward to it, and I´m also getting the "art of" book (will be my very first for a CG movie, as i´m generally not interested in CG at all.)

I've heard the movie's story is just awful but that the animation and the concept are are beautiful. I would love to flip through this, I adore seeing other artists' sketches

Wow Bk Dep just drop the price from Usd 40 to Usd 26+

Thank yuo for you great review. The book looks great and the film is shown right now in Mexico so I can wait for see it.

i am purchasing a few books via the links through your blog. i hope you receive the flow on effects for your efforts in reviewing these art books. this blog is great for viewing books prior to buying. thanks for that.

Actually, the mixture of Disney with Pixar was to save Disney's butt from making Cinderella 3. Pixar is the one making all the great films and Tangled is a great example of that. The story is simple and cute and the digital art is amazing. They made it 3d, but not realistic. They wanted a heavy stylized piece and if you appreciate that kind of art you will love this book and the film.

The movie's graphics were wonderful, and this art book looks even more so.

just purchased the art of tangled from amazon uk cause there was only 2 left! nows theres one left after i purchased my copy, :) cant wait till it arrives, film doesnt coem out till end of jan though , so i wont look at it just yet :)

this book review made me buy the book - using your link of course ;)

YAY can't wait :D

I want this SO bad. It's killing me to wait until March when they finally restock it.

Does anyone know when this is going to be available again on If this is still going to be available at all?

I finally got a chance to see the movie yesterday, and I absolutely loved it!
I recently bought the Toy Story 3 book, thanks to your recommendation. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to buy the "Art of" book for Tangled, but it appears to be out of stock everywhere at the moment.

I'm 17 and so have grown up with Pixar (A Bug's Life was the first film I saw in the cinema) but watching Toy Story 3 last year was the first time I've really appreciated an animated movie rather than just enjoyed it. And after going on a Pixar binge this past month (and watching all the films), I've gone and spent most of my money on a pile of "Art of" books, and I'm sure when they arrive next week I'll devour them as quickly and love them as much as I did the Toy Story 3 book.

Thanks for your great reviews which convinced me to buy the book in the first place!

How the hell can u say "what happened to disney?" when looking at these pictures? Nothing has changed except going from 2d to 3d. The same glen keane that has drawn pocahontas, ariel, the beast in beauty and the beast, tarzan, aladdin etc. has drawn rapunzel. The same alan menken that has composed music to almost every successful disney movie in the 90's has composed the music to tangled. Don't fucking say "what happened to disney". Everything is pretty much the same and tangled is a great movie.

In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

Ditto to that! I said the exact same thing! I also wonder if anyone who has gotten an the art of book could tell me if they teach you teqniques/tips on how to draw some of the characters or maybe if even reading them just helped to draw them? Thanks!

woah....i just got this book and its really good......if any one of you who hasnt bought it is a glen keane it now....there's so much you can learn about his realistic poses through his fast sketchy style!!

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