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This is the third art book of Stephan Martiniere, the first two being Quantum Dreams (2004) and Quantumscapes (2006).

This book is really thin at 64 pages, thinner than the previous two books. Half the thickness is made of the front and back hardcover. It has been 6 years since his last art book, however, the amount of work featured doesn't add up to that.

His sci-fi environment paintings are still wonderful. Most are created for book covers. There are also paintings created for Magic the Gathering cards, illustrations created for various projects like The Looking Glass Wars, The Guardian film, Gulliver's Travels CG film.

There are some fantastic character designs as well. The ones for The Guardian which look really futuristic. There are aliens and mechanic bots, all beautifully painted to give a very 3D feel.

Those who are buying this book for the environment paintings will be slightly disappointed because they take up only half the book.

It's a nice book but certainly feels that more could have been included.

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Thank you for the review and

Thank you for the review and the flip through Teoh! Sad that it's less art, however I was looking for the full page versions of An Autumn War and The Price of Spring to go with the other two from Quantumscapes, so I am happy that they are in here.
(Also, since I am commenting a long time after this was published, thank you for spending so much time and energy to build such.a great resource. It is really appreciated!)

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