Book Preview: RIFT

Here's James Jean's new book, which isn't really a book. You can check out the preview on his blog.

It's coming out in August 2010.

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James Jean is an art prodigy

James Jean is an art prodigy & yet very humble. He has already mastered his craft (in practically every medium) at such a young age. I can't even imagine what epic creations he'll be conceiving when he is old. One of my favorite things about him is his exceptional graphic design skills as well. All of his books are wonderful & he designs the layouts himself. RIFT is one of the best examples. I own FABLES COVERS & KINDLING (I highly recommend them both). If you like Jean, check out Sam Weber as well. They have somewhat similar style yet they are both mind-blowing in their own way. I'm just waiting for Weber to release an art book (PLEASE!). Anyways, I bow to James Jean's art....

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