Book Review: Malefic

Book Review: Malefic

In this book are some gorgeously dark fantasy art. There are not only detailed paintings, but plenty of beautiful sketches as well. The art's more towards the gothic side.

There are lots of sexy women with flawless skin wielding swords standing in the darkness, really exquisite, and they all know you're looking at them. My favourite piece is one with a female warrior with strange hairdo bathed in light as black smoke monsters threatens to engulf her. The other piece I like is a dark silhouetted female warrior with an icy stare while she's holding a bleeding monster head, as if it's no big deal — which probably isn't.

All the armour and swords are very cool and beautiful although I have to question how functional some of the armour are.

Recommended to mature fantasy art lovers and artists.

You can check out more of his art at

There are quite a bit of nudity in the illustrations, which I didn't feature in the pictures below.

Malefic - 01

Malefic - 02

Malefic - 03

Malefic - 04

Malefic - 05

Malefic - 06

Malefic - 07

Malefic - 08

Malefic - 09

Malefic - 10

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