Visiting Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia is amazing. It reminded me so much of those old school Final Fantasy castles or those from Demon Souls. There are so many winding stairs, corridors and hidden passage ways. Of course, the design is heavily influenced by religion. While I was touring the place, I kept wondering how amazing the architecture is. How on earth did they build the ceiling? How did they know the building will stand, especially with this out of the world design. Fascinating.

Barcelona 2013 Day Two
Putting the playground together with Sagrada Familia. This was drawn across the road from the ticket booth.

The main hall of Sagrada Familia is huge! The ceiling is amazing, exquisite.

Barcelona 2013 Day Two
La Casa de les Punxes. Nice building. Love the roof tiles.

Barcelona 2013 Day Two
Provenca Metro Station. It's tough to draw the opposite side when the trains come so frequently.

Barcelona 2013 Day Two
This building has carpet vines (if that's what it's called) covering the whole side of the building.

My sketching strategy for this trip is to draw the lines outdoors and then colour them when I'm back at the room. But it seems that when I'm back at the room, I'm too tired to colour them. Looks like I'll have to have the lines and colours finished together.

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