CORAL: The Art of Pernille Ørum (kickstarter)

Pernille Ørum is releasing her artbook on Kickstarter. Her art is fantastic! Check out her campaign on Kickstarter which ends on 26 July 2017.

Pernille Ørum is a freelance illustrator and visual artist from Copenhagen, Denmark. She has created work for companies like Disney Publishing, Nickelodeon Jr., Mattel, DreamWorks and Warner Brothers.

BLUSH: The Art of Pernille Ørum (Kickstarter)

Thanks to reader Kev Hickey for alerting me to this artbook that's on Kickstarter.

Check out BLUSH: The Art of Pernille Ørum on Kickstarter at…

It looks like a pin-up artbook and it's already fully funded within 90 minutes. You've got to give it to Pernille Ørum.