Zirconium Cerulean PB71 from Kremer Pigments: Swatches and Colour Mixes

Big thanks to Elaine Benfatto for helping me buy this paint since Kremer Pigments does not ship to Singapore.

This full pan is quite affordable at just US $10, not inclusive of shipping.

Kremer Pigments is a German company that makes and sells pigments and paint. There's a store in New York City (map) and of course Germany. I've previously reviewed their Watercolour Set #1 so do check out that review because that's one of the best value watercolour sets around.

Below are some other interesting blues from Kremer Pigments.

Zirconium Cerulean is made with pigment PB71. The colour is semi opaque and has excellent lightfast rating.

Shown above are mixes with a magenta. At a glance, Zirconium Cerulean reminds me instantly of classic cerulean colours such as PB35 and PB36 which have more granulation and deeper blues. So Zirconium Cerulean isn't that special compared to the classic Cerulean. There is granulation but on watercolour paper that isn't as textured, the granulation may not be that obvious, especially when compared to the more common PB35 and PB36.

This is a mix with Daniel Smith Quinacridone Rose PV19. The violets and purples here are more vibrant compared to the earlier mix with magenta. You just can't mix a vibrant colour if your primary colour isn't vibrant to begin with. Zirconium Cerulean PB71 should be a heavier pigment and that can create interesting and beautiful colour separation with mixes.

The colour separation with DS Hansa Yellow Medium PY97 is even more obvious. If you like yellow greens that have granulation, this is the mix for you. But you can also achieve this mix with PB35 and PB36.

Although the paint is listed as semi-opaque, it is still transparent enough for use with pen and ink sketching. Ink lines will still show through nicely.


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