Sketches from Bangkok (Chao Phraya River)

I'm back from Bangkok, near the Chao Phraya River where the sketchwalk was held.

The sketchwalk was organized by the Bangkok sketchers. It was held over two days and was quite a rush itinerary.

I sketched on a mixture of 12 by 9 inch watercolour paper and the Hand-book.

This is Changi Airport Terminal 1 where I await my AirAsia flight. The journey to Bangkok's Don Muang Airport (DMK) took about 2 hours.

Thailand is a country with a long history that stretches back to the 12th century A.D. It's also a rather religious country and you can see the Thai temples everywhere.

All the temples are challenging to draw. The architecture is intricate. To draw the bits is almost impossible.

The Chao Phraya is a major river in Thailand. They have this boardwalk that's built by the side of the river for cyclists and people. You can get to various temples and locations on it.

The walkway is on the left. Many of the houses are really old, but they have their characteristics from the age.

This was my room shared with a friend at the Dhonburi Rajabhat University. This particular room was just renovated. We were lucky. The hostel rooms are for the students staying here and for the few days the sketchers were staying here. Theirs were 4 to 6 beds per room. You can only book the rooms through phone.

This is the road just outside my hostel.

This was drawn on the Fabriano watercolour paper. The surface is too rough for my Hero pen sketch smoothly. I had to use my Pilot Techpoint pens.

The beautiful Santa Cruz Church.

Some of the temples are really old.

And some of them are well maintained. You see a good variety and start to notice their architectural patterns, like the protruding ends on the roofs, the overlapping roofs, colours and the carvings. I see a lot of people visiting the temples to pray.

Here are the photos I took:


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