Sketched today at Craftsmen Specialty Coffee

It has been more than a month since I last joined my friends for cafe sketching.

Today, William, Paul, Jace and I visited Craftsmen Specialty Coffee located at 2 First Street. Even though Singapore is small, it still took me more than 1.5 hours to get there, from Bukit Batok. It was a long journey.

It's a beautiful cafe. I like the interior decoration. It's simple, modern and the music wasn't too loud. I ordered Hazelnut Latte (a bit too sweet) and a 3 Tier Brioche as my brunch – you can see that in the video below.

The sketch above was drawn on the Khadi Papers sketchbook made with 210gsm watercolour paper. I'm still using QoR watercolours.

Once again, I sketched rather loosely. Actually, I felt that the sketch wasn't very accurate because I did not really pay strict attention to proportion of all the elements. Somehow, everything still looks fine, at least to me. I attribute that to the consistency of the perspective lines.


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