Sketchbook Volume 01

I've finally filled up my first sketchbook. It took me from January to November to finish the 124 pages. It was fun but it wasn't easy. I probably could have finish it sooner if I don't draw so much on loose sheets. It's pretty cool to see the sketchbook all filled up now.

I'll go for a thinner sketchbook next so that I can finish faster.

All the sketches below are drawn with the Hero fountain pen, Lamy Safari fountain pen, Derwent Graphitone pencils, Winsor Newton Watercolours on a Daler Rowney Ebony sketchbook.

"Stories Behind Singapore Streets" exhibition at the National Library building.

Ann Siang Hill

A spiral sketchbook is more appropriate for drawing on trains.

The Winsor Newton Bijou box that I seldom use.

National Museum and the Singapore Art Museum.

Library and a construction yard.

I went to the zoo a lot with fellow sketches from Urban Sketchers Singapore.

The zoo is crowded with kindergarten kids.

The Auto-Levels button in Photoshop does a wonderful good job removing the yellow tint of the paper.

This is a complex scene that cannot be captured on a small canvas. That's Chinatown in Singapore.

The Singapore Zoo has a baby manatee which is really cute. It's like a pillow swimming in water.

I've a colour wheel at the back of the book. I put namecards in front. The book is wrapped to protect the cover which gets worn too easily.



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