Packing for Urban Sketchers Symposium in Manchester

These are the drawing tools I'm packing for the Urban Sketchers Symposium that's happening in Manchester next week.

Instead of the using fountain pens this time. I've decided to bring technical pens instead. Shown above are the Rotring Tikky, Zig Mangaka and Copic Multiliner SP. Part of the reason why I'm bring these pens is because I want to create video reviews for them when I'm back from the trip. It's only during sketching trips like that I have the luxury of time to use new drawing tools extensively. These are felt tip pens so they work better on smooth paper and that's why I'll be using them on the sketchbook with Arches Hotpress Paper (bound by SPD). If you want to check out reviews for technical pens, there's a relatively detailed article written by my friend.

My trip will be from 26 July to 11 August. That's around two weeks so to avoid running out of paint, I will bring full pans instead. That plastic palette box is the Winsor & Newton Deluxe Sketcher's Pocket Box but I've since removed all the student grade Cotman paints.

I've mixed different brands into the box, namely Winsor & Newton, Mission Gold, Daniel Smith and Van Gogh:

  • Permanent Yellow Light (MG)
  • Yellow Orange (MG)
  • Permanent Red (MG)
  • Permanent Rose (MG)
  • Rose Madder (MG)
  • Winsor Yellow (WN)
  • Hooker Green Light (VG)
  • Phthalo Green (WN)
  • Peacock Blue (MG)
  • French Ultramarine (WN)
  • Cerulean Blue Chromium (DS)
  • Quinacridone Gold (DS)
  • Burnt Sienna (DS)
  • Vandyke Brown (MG)

And here are the other usual stuff I'm bringing.

I'll be providing video coverage of the event and also of my post-symposium trip so do follow my Youtube channel, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and G+.

You can also find updates at these two pages


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