Ochre PY43 Comparison

These are the different variations of colours from Daniel Smith made from the pigment PY43.

DS Yellow Ochre's official colour swatch seems to be too yellow compared to what I have here. One interesting thing about DS Yellow Ochre is it's transparent as compared to other brands.

DS Burgundy Yellow Ochre is the more yellow version of Yellow Ochre.

DS Verona Gold Ochre is the lighter version of Burgundy Yellow Ochre.

DS French Ochre is a slightly warmer version.

DS Italian Deep Ochre is more reddish.

DS Goethite (Brown Ochre) as the name suggests, is more brown.

Many of these Ochres actually get their names from the places where the pigment was mined.

Oh, the official colour swatches from Daniel Smith look better than the swatches I have here.

These are some possible mixes with the ochres. They mix well with warm reds.

When mixed with blues, you're going to get really muted greens or grays. The differences are subtle and more obvious with side by side comparisons.


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