New Gamboge: Old PY153 vs New PY97 & PY110

In recent months or years, Daniel Smith has changed the pigment for some of their colours. The ones that I know of that are using new pigments are New Gamboge, Sap Green and Quinacridone Deep Gold.

New Gamboge is now using PY97 and PY110. Previously it was PY153. Quinacridone Deep Gold is now using PO 48 and PY150. Previously, it was PY49. Sap Green is now PO 48, PY150 and PG 7. Previously, it was PO49 and PG7.

Below are some swatches I've painted to compare the new and old New Gamboge.

The difference is no easy to see. The old formula seems to be slightly warmer and the new formula is a bit more yellow. Ignore the backruns I have on the large swatch of new formula because I used too much water.

For mixing, the new and old don't seem to have much difference. So I don't think it's going to affect how I use the colour. So I guess I'll keep on using New Gamboge.

It's such a shame that the formula has to change but that's just how it is when there's no more pigments. Kinda scary when you think of it. What other pigments will run out in the future?

If you want to find out about Quinacridone Deep Gold, check out




can you please tell me what sketchbook you're using for this test - it looks like it works nicely with watercolors...
thanks !

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