Give A Little, Get A Sketch!

Urban Sketchers is having a donation drive for their 3rd anniversary.

For your donation which will go to the educational programs they organize, you'll be getting a high-res digital sketch that you can print out. You can check out the 34 art sketches available on this Flickr page.

If you're donating upwards of $75, you get get one of the sketches below mailed to you.

Visit their website for more information.

Marc Taro Holmes_Mosterio Dos Jerónimos (8x10")
Marc Taro Holmes Mosterio Dos Jerónimos (8x10")

Marc Taro Holmes_Praça Da Figueira (8x10")
Marc Taro Holmes Praça Da Figueira (8x10")

Marc Taro Holmes_SantaEngrácia (8x10")
Marc Taro Holmes SantaEngrácia (8x10")

Nina Johansson_Sko Wera (8x7.5")
Nina Johansson Sko Wera (8x7.5")

Kumi Matsukawa_Enoshima island (10x7.5")
Kumi Matsukawa Enoshima island (10x7.5")

Kumi Matsukawa_Enoshima island and Mount Fuji (13x6.5")
Kumi Matsukawa Enoshima island and Mount Fuji (13x6.5")

Kumi Matsukawa_Autumn Foliage (13x9")
Kumi Matsukawa Autumn Foliage (13x9")


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Hey! Thanks very much for

Hey! Thanks very much for spreading the word. I hope people are enjoying the work we're posting on urban sketchers- and might want to support our annual symposium. My pieces were done at this years event in Lisbon. (the top three images). Great of you to help out!


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