Book Review: Cocktails of the Movies: An Illustrated Guide to Cinematic Mixology

I was alerted to this book by one of the co-author Will Francis. The premise is interesting: to showcase the cocktails that have appeared in films.

I was sent a PDF copy for review and I like what I see. The book's available as a 160-page hardcover.

The cover has the title rendered in neon lights. When I saw the first illustration, I knew I'm going to like the book. Illustrator Stacey Marsh draws all the lovely artworks in the book. I love the delicate drawings of the drinks with beautiful renderings of the colours and glass.

The book starts off with an introduction before getting to the tasty part. There's actually information on how you can mix your own drinks. It covers the tools of trade, base spirits, different types of liquor, adornments and glassware. I'm not a drink and this is the first time I'm reading all these with fascination.

There are 64 drinks included with the characters they appeared on film with. Each page spread has the drink and character illustrated. The characters are drawn in beautiful pen and ink style with digital colours. Even the typeface on top of the illustration looks classy. The info included about the drink are the ingredients and how you can make it yourself. There's also writeup on the history of the drink and the character from the film.

I really enjoy the art, the portraits and content.

It's a wonderful book.

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