Book Review: The Art of Iron Man

This review is updated to include the paperback reprint. It features exactly similar content as the hardcover, right down to the paper stock.

The Art of Iron Man

This book contains concept art, photographs, paintings, storyboards, miniatures and live models. All are in high resolution and many printed satisfyingly huge.

For people who like mechanical stuff, you'll be glad that to know that plenty of Iron man designs are included. The drawings are detailed to the nuts and bolts. The evolution of Iron Man from concept to movie can be clearly seen from the first concept art right down to the life size cast created. The main artists involved were Ryan Meinerding and Phil Saunders.

3D modelers who are looking for blueprints won't find them in this book. However, there are renders of Iron Man Mark II and Iron Monger from the front and side view. They should be enough to build the blueprint from. There are also a couple of cool photos of the Iron maquette made by Stan Winston Studios.

Also included are the drawings for the environment, props and gadgets. That includes Tony Stark's house, his workshop and the Arc Reactor.

All the pictures in the book are well captioned and artists credited. Commentary explain clearly the production process and the effect they are trying to achieve, story development and challenges shooting the movie.

The only bad thing about the book is the paper stock. It's just my minor quibble. It is not thick enough. While black pages are cool, they become wavy after absorbing all the black ink. Luckily, it doesn't affect the visual quality of the images printed.

I still gave it a 5-star rating on Amazon — more to 4.5-star because of the paper stock.


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Very good review, very detailed. I had done research on the book, but this review actually helped me decide on buying the item. Thank you very much. I look forward to the one on Iron Man 2's

Wavy pages is not a matter of black ink :) lol .The book was propably stored in a humid place or beside the window. Leave any book in a bathroom with poor ventilation for a week and see what happens.You will never get rid of that effect on the book. As paper tends to stretch when is drying.

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