Drawing Contest #2: Unusual Cowboys

Update: This contest is now closed. Check out the entries!

Hurray! Here comes the second drawing contest!

The idea is inspired from the recently released game Red Dead Redemption and the soon to be released Toy Story 3.

Drawing Contest #2: Unusual Cowboys
Picture source: Thanh (flickr.com)


The theme is Unusual Cowboys (or Cowgirls if you prefer). There are two criteria.

1. For the unusual part, well, you can't draw a human. That still leaves a lot of things you can draw, like animals, robots, aliens, monsters or even mythical beings.

2. For the cowboy part, you have to include something to help the audience to identify that it's a cowboy. The most obvious would be the iconic hat but it can be anything.


There will be two winners. You get to choose from one of the three books as your prize.


  • Contest name: Unusual Cowboys
  • Deadline: 10 June 2010, Thursday, midnight GMT
  • Image size: 1024 px wide
  • Colour mode: RGB
  • File format: JPEG, maximum quality
  • Each person is limited to one entry
  • This giveaway is open to all and where Amazon can ship to.
  • Two winners will be chosen by me.
  • Results will be announced one week after the deadline.

Delivery notes:
You can either send your file as an attachment using email or provide me with an URL to your image file.

Send it to parkablogs at gmail dot com with the subject "Unusual Cowboys". If you email doesn't get bounce back, it means I've received your entry.

Other information required:

  • Name
  • Website address (if any)
  • Email

If you have any questions, just let me know via the comments section.

That's all.

Have fun!



hey, this is probably a

hey, this is probably a stupid question, but what exactly do ye mean with RGB colour mode? like, are you only allowed to use those three colours? you can mix em, right?

Cethal, RGB is usually what

Cethal, RGB is usually what you use-do in photoshop and similar image editing programs. The images of a digital camera are RGB. The other option is CYMK, but that is for printing, and usually -unless you are a designer- you are not going to use that for nothing. So don't worry, just draw in the program you like.

great! it's tomorrow the

great! it's tomorrow the hollidays for me, so i can do this contest (no homwork)
Can we draw a backgroung or it's axed "charachter design" only?
thanks! (sorry for my english,I'm french..I din't practise my english for 2years =( )

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