Book Preview: Los Logos

Los Logos

Product description from Amazon:

Gestalten’s best-selling Logos series has documented and indicated design styles and trends in contemporary logo design worldwide. Los Logos is an expansive visual encyclopedia that provides an authoritative overview of developments and advances in logo design.

This softcover edition offers a condensed version of the popular book – still offering over 1,700 cutting-edge examples illustrated by burgeoning design talent from around the world on over 300 full color pages. Divided into four main chapters: “Logos”, “Lettering”, “Typograms” and “Combinations”, the book also includes a comprehensive index. Los Logos offers deep insights into a breadth of styles in contemporary logo design.

Gestalten’s first collection of innovative logos has stood the test of time and remains a relevant bestseller. This popular bestseller is the perfect research tool for any self-respecting designer or cultural enthusiast.

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Hi. first of all, I really

first of all, I really love your blog. you helped me a lot with your previews. thank you sooo much.
well, I have a question, I need a logo book and I'm not sure which is better. Los logos or logo design. and I thought I just ask you. so what do you think, logo design or los logos?

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