Book Review: 男鹿和雄画集 (Oga Kazuo Art Collection)

男鹿和雄画集 (Oga Kazuo Art Collection)

男鹿和雄画集 (Oga Kazuo Art Collection)

Kazuo Oga (男鹿 和雄) is an art director and background artist for many Studio Ghibli anime films. This is his first art book which contains the background paintings for several titles, namely Letters, My Neighbour Tororo, Only Yesterday and Pompoko.

Most of the illustrations are water paintings of Japanese countryside, idyllic setups for imaginary worlds. The art speaks for itself.

About half of the book writeup with two interviews with Oga Kazuo, commentary with Isao Takahata (co-founder of Studio Ghibli) and an interview with Hayao Miyazaki, all in Japanese. On these pages are also printed with background sketches of more natural settings, including traditional Japanese houses.

This is a great collection to the other Studio Ghibli art books around.

男鹿和雄画集 (Oga Kazuo Art Collection) - 01

男鹿和雄画集 (Oga Kazuo Art Collection) - 02

男鹿和雄画集 (Oga Kazuo Art Collection) - 03

男鹿和雄画集 (Oga Kazuo Art Collection) - 04

男鹿和雄画集 (Oga Kazuo Art Collection) - 05

男鹿和雄画集 (Oga Kazuo Art Collection) - 06

男鹿和雄画集 (Oga Kazuo Art Collection) - 07

男鹿和雄画集 (Oga Kazuo Art Collection) - 08

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Man... I still haven't bought

Man... I still haven't bought this or his other books, even though he's one of my absolute favorite japanese artists. Those postage costs are killing me!

The art looks great, although slightly disapointing that the book itself is a bit on the small side(width/length) for an artbook.

I absolutely loooove your

I absolutely loooove your reviews!!! I think they're so insighful and fun to read and watch!! I've been trying to order a few of the art books from amazon jp! But I can't seem to get past the login page. When I try to login they say that my password is incorrect which I know for a fact is not true-

Any ideas on how to get past this would be amazing and truly helpful as I'd like to buy this book and a few others as soon as possible!!


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