Book Review: 寺田克也ラクガキング (Terada Katsuya Rakuga King)

Book Review: Terada Katsuya Rakuga King

The Japanese book title is 寺田克也ラクガキング, by 寺田 克也 (Katsuya Terada).

Katsuya Terada is probably best known in the United States as the character-designer for the animated film Blood: The Last Vampire. He has also done work related to American comics, such as Iron Man and Hellboy (one of his illustrations was used for an official statuette of Hellboy).

This 1000-page sketchbook contains a selection of sketches drawn over a period of 20 years prior to 2001. These are mainly character sketches created with pencil and ink. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

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寺田克也ラクガキング (Terada Katsuya Rakuga King) - 01

寺田克也ラクガキング (Terada Katsuya Rakuga King) - 02

寺田克也ラクガキング (Terada Katsuya Rakuga King) - 03

寺田克也ラクガキング (Terada Katsuya Rakuga King) - 04

寺田克也ラクガキング (Terada Katsuya Rakuga King) - 05

寺田克也ラクガキング (Terada Katsuya Rakuga King) - 06

寺田克也ラクガキング (Terada Katsuya Rakuga King) - 07

寺田克也ラクガキング (Terada Katsuya Rakuga King) - 08

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I picked this incredible book

I picked this incredible book up a few years ago in a used bookshop for under $30(!), best $30 I've ever you know if this is part of a series? I would love to have a few more of these...

Hi, nice review... I bought

Hi, nice review... I bought this book after seeing your review... A must have book...
I have one doubt, the first and last pages are attached to the cover, but I can see that there are some sketches between the cover and the attached page? Is it normal? I don't want to ruin this precious book^^

Well, it's not that I want,

Well, it's not that I want, it's just that I noticed that there are images under the page pasted to the cover (you can check that too). So I got curious... Why would they put images where we cannot see them? I won't ruin the book just to see those images though^^
My book is the Rakuga King ver.2 ...


do you have a link for this book on .fr or ?
I don't understand japanese and i can't find it on because the title is in japanese.
Thanks, great blog !!!

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