Perylene Red + French Ultramarine + Quinacridone Deep Gold (Limited Palette)

These are the colour swatches that I've created for my latest limited palette video.

Quinacridone Deep Gold (PO48 + PY150)
This is a nice earthy warm yellow colour. As this is already a muted yellow, you can use it straight from the tube on the paper and it won't look unnatural.

Perylene Red (PR178)
You can get a warmer red when added to Q Deep Gold.

French Ultramarine (PB29)
This colour needs no introduction. I really need to check out other blues to expand the possibilities of the limited palette. The purples and violets from mixing with Perylene Red is rather subdued and dulled down. That's quite surprising because Perylene Red looks like a cool red, on its own, to me.

The possible greens are the dry muted warm greens. If you need vibrant sunny grass green, warm colours liked Ultramarine and Q Deep Gold are definitely not suitable for mixing those vibrant greens.

Here's a sketch I drew the other day at Groundstory cafe. This limited palette provides a warm look to it and is suitable for cafe sketching. I also love the dark or black colours that I was able to mix easily. As a limited palette, of course it will have its limitations so knowing what you want to paint in advance will help.

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