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Ink Comparison: Daler-Rowney Calli vs Pelikan Fount India

Ink Comparison: Daler-Rowney Calli vs Pelikan Fount India

The two brands of ink here are the Dalery-Rowney Calli and the Pelikan Fount India.

Calli is made in England by Daler-Rowney. It is a pigmented waterproof ink that's smooth flowing (when it works - see issue below) and dries fast. Permanence is very high. It comes in a 1ox (29.5ml) glass bottle.

Fount India is produced by Pelikan from Germany. It's quite similar to Calli but it is not waterproof. It's opaque and lightfast. I've seen it being wrongly marketed as waterproof on many websites (except Pelikan's). The plastic bottle comes with a dropper for sucking ink.

This experiment is set up to test how waterproof they are. I've used a water brush without any colour pigment.

The Fount India ink smudges instantly with water. So don't get the wrong ink if you're doing watercolours. Calli is pretty resistant to water but doesn't seem to work well with Copic markers. Fount India works well with Copic.

The bad point about both ink is probably the thickness of the ink. I'm using them on a fountain pen with ink reservoir. The flow of the ink is not as smooth as I was hoping for. The ink can run out while writing/drawing because the ink has stopped flowing even if there's still lots of ink in the reservoir.

The good thing about both is they are very affordable.