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Review: Hollyland Lark M2 wireless microphone

Review unit provided by Hollyland

The Hollyland Lark M2 is a wireless mic that can be used with mirrorless cameras, phones, tablets and computers. This mic has several improvements over the Hollyland Lark M1:

  • Transmitter is much smaller
  • Branding on the mic is less distracting
  • USB-C on the receiver can now record audio to computers
  • Lightning adapter can now record at higher volume

These are the prices for the different sets:

Bottom line: This is a compact, portable mic that can record with excellent audio quality. Voice sounds clean and upfront. Noise cancelling works well with minimal distortion to voice. There are just two minor downsides. The volume dial can turn easily by accident, and it's not easy to install the windshield. This mic is great for vloggers and is good enough for recording indoors too.


Things included

Items included will vary depending on which bundle you purchase.

The items below are from the combo bundle which has all the accessories needed to record audio to camera, phone, tablet and computer.

  • Charging case
  • 1x receiver
  • USB-C receiver
  • Lightning receiver
  • 2x transmitters
  • 4x coin magnets
  • 2x windshield
  • 2x magnet necklaces
  • 2x magnetic clips
  • 3.5mm cable
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable
  • User manual
  • Quickstart guide
  • Warranty card
  • Smiley face stickers


This is probably the most compact wireless mic system I've ever used. The size is inconspicuous and the company logo now looks like a design element rather than obvious branding.


The camera receiver weighs 14.8g and barely adds any weight to the camera. Battery life is rated at 8 hours. Build quality is solid enough.

The dial is used for adjusting volume and there are only three steps.

The receiver has a clip that can be installed onto the camera hotshoe.

The 3.5mm out port faces the camera microphone port.

And on the other side of the receiver, there's the USB-C charging port which can be used to record audio as well, a power button and a mute/pairing button.

These are the receivers with lightning and USB-C connector. That yellow button is for pairing or noise cancelling. Noise cancelling can also be enabled from the transmitter.

One common problem lightning receivers have is the videos recorded usually has low volume when in Final Cut Pro. I'm glad to say there's no problems with volume when recording with this lightning receiver. The volume is loud enough.

Unlike the camera receiver, there is no volume control on the lightning and USB-C receivers.


The transmitter is so small that it weighs just 9g. Battery life is also rated at 8 hours which I find quite amazing given the small size.

There are two transmitters so this can be used for interviews. If you're just using one transmitter, the other can be used as backup when the first runs out of battery.

The transmitter only comes with one button for noise cancelling or pairing.

When noise cancelling is enabled, the light will turn from blue to green on the transmitter and receivers.

The furry windshield are not easy to install, but that also means they are difficult to dislodge by accident. There's a little triangle on the back of the transmitter that points to the mic, so you'll want that triangle to face your mouth. The triangle is not easy to see so you may want to mark it with white or yellow paint.

The only way to charge the transmitters is to use the charging case.

Charging case

The charging case is quite compact too and weighs 111g (empty). The case provides 2 extra charges to the transmitters and receivers.

The lightning and USB-C receivers will get their power from the connected phone, tablet, computer.

Other accessories

There are two magnetic necklaces included and I don't find them that useful.

The clips are useful because you can clip to the collar and attach the mic magnetically to it.

The other way to attach the transmitter is to have the coin magnet inside the shirt, and transmitter outside. Or you can have the coin magnet outside, and transmitter inside, in which case you won't have to install the furry windshield.

Audio quality

The audio quality from the Hollyland Lark M2 is great. 5 out of 5 stars.

The audio quality was much better than I expected. Voice is clear and clean, sounds full and not hollow.

When recording in a quiet environment, there's no electronic static noise. In other words, the mic is good enough for recording Youtube videos at home or for recording voiceovers into your computer.

When recording outdoors, voice sounds clear and clean and is not overpowered by background noise even without noise cancelling. With noise cancelling enabled, background noise is reduced significantly and voice really stands out. There's is minimal distortion to voice with noise cancelling, and this is a huge selling feature vs other wireless mics with noise cancelling.

Below's a video that was recorded with the mic without noise cancelling:


I am pleasantly surprised by the amazing audio quality coming from such a small microphone system.

This mic may not have many features but it does one thing really well, and that's recording clean and clear voice. This is definitely a mic I can recommend easily.

There aren't many downsides. One limitation is there's no 3.5mm jack on the transmitter but you're not buying this to use with a wired lavalier anyway. The windshield being difficult to install is probably the only downside I can think of.

Pros and cons at a glance
+ Carrying pouch included
+ Good looking inconspicuous design
+ Compact, portable, lightweight
+ Can record audio to camera, phone, tablet, computer depending on the receiver purchased
+ 8 hour battery life for transmitter and receiver, 2x more with charging case
+ Auto power on and off
+ Two transmitters included can be used for interviews
+ Two transmitters included means one can be used as backup
+ Charging case conveniently stores and charges the transmitters and receiver
+ Excellent audio quality -- clear and clean voice
+ Noise cancelling works well with minimal voice distortion
+ Many ways to attach the transmitter with clips, necklaces, magnets
- No 3.5mm audio jack on transmitter
- Windshield is difficult to install on transmitter
- Arrow pointing to the mic on the transmitter is difficult to see
- No space inside charging case to store the cable, USB-C, lightning receiver
- No display included to show battery life %


You can find the mics on Amazon USA:
Camera version (USD 159) | Combo (USD 179) | Lightning (USD 149) | USB-C (USD 139)