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Review: Rigger Art Synthetic Brush Set of 6

Thanks to Rigger Art for sending me these brushes for review.

Rigger Art is a that manufactures art products. I was just checking out their Amazon seller page and they are only selling a palette, some brushes and a brush wrap.

This is the set of 6 synthetic brushes that I received. From the marketing text, it says that the brushes are suitable for oil, acrylic and watercolour. I only use watercolour so my review will talk solely on that.

In addition to the brushes, there's also a free zipped pouch. I probably won't be using this to keep the brushes because there's a fan brush in the set. I won't want to mess up the hair on the fan brush.

Also included are these two cards with some tips on caring for your brushes. These are useful tips. If you can to read them, just click on the pictures above.

The brushes are individually wrapped up. These are short handle wooden brushes by the way.

When the brushes are new, the bristles are covered with some material to make them hard, to protect them during transport. Before you use the brushes, you should wash off that coating with warm water.

The six brushes included, from left to right, are:

  • #0 Round
  • #2 Round
  • #8 Filbert
  • #6 Angular
  • #7 Flat
  • #2 Fan

I would have preferred a large round brush instead of the angular brush. The flat and angular brushes are used quite similarly so one is redundant.

The #0 round brush is good for details. This can be good for drawing thin lines, but you'll have to reload it often. The point sharper than the #2 round.

#2 round is still quite small. It does not hold a lot of water so expect to reload it frequently. The point is not as sharp as I would like it to be. It's still useful for details but for smaller details, the #0 will get the job done.

The filbert is good for painting larger areas. However, because the edges are rounded off, it's difficult to paint angular shapes.

Flat brush

Angular brush

The fan brush is the largest. If you load it with loads of paint, you can use it washing over a large area, but prepare to reload often as well. When it's drier, you can create parallel lines easily.

There's no mention on the material of the synthetic hair though. The hair is soft and can go back to shape after each application.

Here's a sketch that I coloured with the brushes.

With the fan brush, I painted the large areas and top left area. I used the flat and angular brushes for painting the books, which are mostly rectangles. I used the filbert to paint the librarian. The small round brushes are used to draw the lines and paint smaller details.

The only issue is I find myself reloading paint quite often since these are synthetic brushes, they don't hold as much water compared to natural hair brushes. But overall, they work as expected. These are decent quality brushes and are worth it for the money. They currently cost less than USD 20 on Amazon.

These are how the brushes look inside the Rigger Art brush wrap, sold separately. The brush wrap is made with canvas and uses two strings to tie. This should provide adequate protection compared to the zipped pouch.


You can get the brushes and check out more reviews at