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Updated Rewards for my Patreon supporters in 2016

I figured since I'm already creating regular content on my Youtube channel, I might as well dedicate one day each week to create content for my Patreon supporters.

In short, I'll be teaching some sketching courses to my supporters.

Rewards on my Patreon page has been updated. You can now choose to get access to the patron-exclusive tutorials, a private community page where you can share your sketches, get critiques and access to the monthly challenge designed specifically to improve your sketching skills.

I'll be adding more content to the Patreon blog and also the private community page in the coming days.

Ultimately, I hope the rewards will help those who are following to get better at sketching and also enjoy the whole process.

Your support on Patreon will give me additional motivation to put out more content, reviews and videos. And it will also move me towards my dream of making a living by blogging and sketch around the world.

Support me on Patreon today.