I've launched some Concepts app sketching courses

I've just released my 4th online course on sketching with the Concepts tablet app.

In case you don't know, Concepts is a vector style drawing/sketching app available on iPad, Android and Windows tablet.

Concepts is one of my favourite drawing apps and here's a video where I explain why I prefer to use Concepts over Procreate. And in this post you can see some of the artworks I've created Concepts.

Concepts is a fun app to use for sketching. If you want to learn more, check out these courses I have over on Gumroad. Each course is priced at US $14.90. These courses are also available through Skillshare page.

Draw with Concepts app: Basic Digital Illustration for Beginners (54min)

The feature set for Concepts is different on iPad and Android, at least at the time I'm writing this. This is the beginner's course for the iPad version of Concepts. This covers all the basic tools and workflow of Concepts.

Learn to draw with Concepts on Android and Windows tablets (41min)

This is the beginner's course for the Android version of Concepts. This covers all the basic tools and workflow of Concepts. Unfortunately, the feature set with the Android version is limited compared to the iPad version.

Sketch Loose and with Textures using Concepts app (42 min)

This is an intermediate drawing course where I cover how you can sketch a busy street scene. This course covers one point perspective, simplifying details and suggesting details. This course assumes you know the basics of Concepts. The drawing techniques taught can be applied with other drawing media or digital tools as well since drawing techniques are quite universal.

More Drawing Exercises with Concepts app: Create Vector Art with Ease (1hr 55min)

This course has more drawing exercises with Concepts. The focus is on creating vector style illustration over sketching with lines and adding colours beneath.


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