Gillman Barracks Sketchwalk (30 March 2013)

Gillman Barracks was built by the British Army before World War II and was named after General Webb Gillman. There were infantry barrack buildings, married quarters and entertainment facilities. Today, it's the arts enclave for many galleries.

This Balinese doorway is just outside of Timbre @ Gillman. The doorway leads to a rustic bridge but the pathway behind is already overgrown with plants.

For some reason, it reminded me of Spirited Away. It's like a forgotten doorway from another time, to another place.

Tia and Drewscape introducing the area to new and regular sketchers. This was my first time there. It's really peaceful place with the low buildings and open spaces. Great place to relax.

Buzwalker and Tia showing off their towels. They use the same brand!

The towel buddies.

Tony with his colour pencils.

That's one huge and beautiful banyan tree.

The beer coasters from Timbre.

This place has a lot of beautiful trees.

Art outside one of the galleries.

This was the spot I sketch from. I love the lean of those two tall trees by the side.

Don selling a Hero pen.

This is the bridge I was talking about. Both sides are closed and blocked by plants.

I was wondering why there was a lamp post in the middle of the small valley below and finally remembered that that piece of land used to be covered by railway tracks.

So the towel's brand is Good Morning?

Marvin and his family.

Favian trying out his new Hero pen.

I love this piece. The colours, the hard and missing edges.

Drewscape and Tia showing off their Escoda travel brushes.

We had a funny way of Show & Tell today. Every one stood in a circle and passed the sketches around.

Lunch at the Masons restaurant. This restaurant is pretty pricey.

The waiter actually came out during the Show & Tell to offer some food snakes for use and even gave us a discount for their pizzas. That's good initiative - we had a big crowd. I guess that's why we had lunch there.

The pizza is good.

I'm out of focus here. -_-

All photos taken with the Fujifilm X-Pro1.



I am in awe. That watercolor

I am in awe. That watercolor with the missing edges is amazing. Do you know how long it took him to paint that?
It's also interesting to see everyone's different setup. I personally feel too self conscious bringing anything more than a small sketchpad, although i guess if you're sketching in a group, random people are less likely to hover over your shoulder.

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