Book Review: Hotel Sketch Mike Sketch: Hotel Rooms + Travel Sketches

Hotel Sketch Mike Sketch is a fun book by Mike Yoshiaki Daikubara of the hotels he stayed in from 2005 to 2011. 67 rooms were sketched. That's quite a number, and a lot of traveling he has done.

The sketches were done in a mixture of blueprint, 3/4 perspective (isometric) and the 1-point perspective style. It's interesting to look at the details of each room, and the way hotels do their interior design and layout. Accompanying the sketches are his candid observations about the room. Occasionally, there are also some sketches of the places he visited outside the hotel.

I think I'll adopt this habit of sketching hotel rooms too. They are the last thing people, me included, usually remember about their trip.

This book is published by CreateSpace, one of those print-on-demand printers. Unfortunately for my book, it had the print misregistration problem on all the pages. Text is alright since it's all black. However, the sketches have the Cyan, Magenta and Yellow misaligned, creating a nasty shift. Pure line art would have ghosting of those colours. I'm not sure how CreateSpace prints these books, whether in bulk or not, or whether the books are affected in bulk. I saw some photos of the book from Mike D's website and they look fine, so I guess it's just my copy.

Anyway, Mike D has kindly sent me a new copy of the book as replacement.

Hotel Sketch Mike Sketch: Hotel Rooms + Travel Sketches (67 Rooms sketched on location by measuring) (Volume 1) is available at Amazon (US | UK | DE | FR | IT | ES

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