Book Preview: Omar Dogan's Girl Seven

Update: Review for this book is up.

Book Preview: Omar Dogan's Girl Seven

Omar Dogan's Girl Seven will be released on 24 April.

It's a 176-page paperback collection of pin-up illustrations.

To quote Udon's description:

GIRL SEVEN features a cast of seven lovely ladies, all designed by Omar Dogan and presented through a variety of artistic themes and settings, including summer visits to the beach, convention cosplay, martial arts tournaments, sports teams, uniforms, and more! Fans will get a sneak peak at Dogan’s process as he takes numerous pieces from roughs to pencils to completed illustrations, but whether you’re an artist or just an admirer, you’ll find a lot to love in this book!

You can check out more work at

Omar Dogan\'s Girl Seven - 01

Omar Dogan\'s Girl Seven - 02

Omar Dogan\'s Girl Seven - 03

Omar Dogan\'s Girl Seven - 04

Omar Dogan\'s Girl Seven - 05

Omar Dogan\'s Girl Seven - 06

Omar Dogan\'s Girl Seven - 07

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