Review: Canson Marker Paper Pad (70gsm)

Canson Marker is a 70gsm extra smooth, extra white paper made for markers, more specifically alcohol markers.

Canson Marker is also available under the Canson XL series of paper. You can find this paper in 9 x 12 inches, A4 and A3 sizes, with 70 or 100 sheets per pad.

The price at time of review on Blick Art Materials is USD 14.96 for the 9 x 12 inch pad with 100 sheets.

This paper is thin but it's treated to handle alcohol markers so that the ink will not bleed through and go onto the next piece of paper. The paper surface is durable enough to handle multiple layers of alcohol inks without even a trace of the paper fiber coming off.

Colour blending is quite easy.

Even with multiple layers of alcohol ink, the ink does not completely bleed through the paper, and there's minimal risk of ink going onto the next piece of paper.

The paper is translucent and can be used on top of reference pictures placed beneath, or with a lightbox (I'm using my iPad as lightbox).

Marker inks appear very vibrant on the paper. And the overall experience of using marker on this paper is fantastic.

By the way, the markers I've used for testing are the XPPen alcohol markers. Fountain pen inks work nicely on the paper too with no feathering.

Ink can bleed outwards on the surface of the paper if you have the alcohol marker tip on the paper for too long. But even so, the ink has difficulty bleeding through the paper.

The paper can also be used with water-based or pigment-based markers.

I don't actually have water-based markers to test on the paper so I used my Pentel Colour Brush Pen that's filled with diluted black ink. The paper does prevent the water from seeping through but there is obviously buckling due to how thin the paper is. The paper should work fine with normal water-based markers, such as those from Kuretake.

Canson Marker is good marker paper. The quality is good and pricing is quite reasonable.

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