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Iron Man as a franchise certainly is at its peak with the third movie.

Since the first Iron Man movie, Tony Stark has created six Iron Man suits. Mark VII appeared in The Avengers. In Iron Man 3, there are 42 models.

All 42 Iron Man armor suits are featured in the book. They are lined up side by side on a gatefold page from Mark 1 to Mark 42. The Iron Legion, they are called. This is probably the only place you can see all the suits.

The suits that appear more prominently in the movie are given more pages accordingly. They are namely, War Machine, Iron Patriot, Mark 15 Sneaky, Mark 16 Nightclub, Mark 17 Heartbreaker, Mark 25 Thumper, Mark 33 Silver Centurion, Mark 35 Snapper, Mark 37 Hammerhead, Mark 38 Igor, Mark 39 Gemini, Mark 41 Bones and of course Mark XLII (that's 42). Those that are briefly or not shown in the book are just on that gatefold page.

Overall, there are more suits than in artbook one and two. Besides the suits, there are also concept art for the characters, scenes, locations (not much), and storyboards.

The characters are the Mandarin, Aldrich Killian and his Extremis gang. You won't get to see Pepper Potts in the way as shown in the movie and that's a shame. Locations include Tony's Malibu mansion and workshop, Rosehill town, Mandarin's Miami mansion and the seaport. There are quite a few storyboard sequences, about 20 over pages.

The art is fantastic, right from the start of the slipcase cover to the end of the 280-page hardcover. Fans who geek out over the film can continue to geek out with this artbook.

Highly recommended.

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The artworks are the only

The artworks are the only worth-seeing quality of the movie and i'm sure the artworks are awesome! If only the movie can put all the great artworks into a good use. Anyway, kudos to all concept artists of the movie, you guys are the real stars!

For information. Those who

For information. Those who live in Indonesia & interested in buying this book, you can get it from Basheer Jakarta but be warned that they have moved to Senayan City Mall. The address in the Basheer site is outdated. Check with Basheer Jakarta in here :

Many people don't know about the move, so go check their Facebook page for more details. They have cash on delivery system that's free of delivery charge too. You might need to order the book first though.

However, if you really have the urge to buy it, you can check Periplus bookstore in Jakarta. I saw this book in Periplus of Mall Kelapa Gading just a week ago. Only 1 book left & the price is 525.000 IDR. More expensive than The Art of Avengers i bought that cost me 470.000 IDR. I won't buy this book for so many reasons but don't get me wrong, the contents are awesome. Too bad the movie completely wasted all the great designs as if they're a bunch of trash. And it really hurts to see that.

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